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Technical architect, researcher and former entrepreneur. I'm a passionate hacker and love creating elegant solutions for difficult problems. A self starter, I thrive on end to end ownership. A unique hodge podge of research, business and technology experience has imbued me with a great width and depth of experience. I'm a generalist who is interested in many domains and I like to go deep into a problem domain from time to time. I'm an open-source contributor and have been an avid technologist for more than a decade.

Define Problems, FRs, NFRs, SLAs, APIs. Design, Architecture, Tech Stack Vetting and Selection. Building, Instrumentation, Enablement and Tooling
Mentoring, Promote and implement Dev best practices. Evangelize and drive consensus on Tech decisions, Hiring, Educate through sessions.
Accurate delivery estimates, Execution, Stakeholder management. Progress tracking, Transparent situational awareness

IaaS, PaaS, Large scale Distributed applications, Highly Available DataStores (NoSQL) and Consensus Platforms, Low latency & high predictability applications, Intelligence at scale.
Information retrieval, Machine learning, Pattern recognition, Clustering, Pattern classification, Scalable media retrieval, Deep learning, Vector quantization, Graph flow Algorithms

Technical Architect
April 2012 - Dec 2016

I am part of the tech-infra team, that's creating Software Defined Infra and Services in our new DC. I used own and drive the tech mandate for the End-to-End experience team. I've designed, built and owned multiple platforms and systems that are widely used at Flipkart to deliver critical functionality. Some of them include...

IaaS Compute: I own and am responsible for Flipkart's Elastic Compute Platform. This along with our ELB are fundamental IaaS primitives on top of which All our PaaS components and customer applications are deployed. Our recent work has centered around improving utilization through better fitment and to address the tech/domain debt accumulated in our run up to last year's Big Billion Days.

Scotty: Deployment and change management service that enables an immutable infra paradigm in the cloud. It coordinates and governs infra and release assets to achieve, correct, predictable, well controlled deployments and change management on SDI(Software Defined Infra). It is designed to do it's job without communicating with atomic units of infra which makes it trivially scalable and able to handle change management for 100s of thousands of infra assets, simultaneously.

Repo-svc: A generic post build release service that's used to publish and consume binary release assets in a well defined manner. Release artifacts are published into versioned repos which can further be used to compose versioned environments which make up the Universe of released assets for associated deployments. The design of repo-svc allows for repeatable and predictable deployments by enforcing well defined immutable environments comprised of release assets.

Lego: Lego is a highly performant, highly scalable (in terms of traffic and developers) and resilient application framework. It is an incredibly flexible framework that is used by multiple teams at Flipkart and is deployed in different shapes on over a thousand bare-metal servers. These installations are combinedly capable of handling upto 2 billion requests per hour. This is one of the critical systems that make the festive season and events like Big Billion Day possible at an unprecedented scale.

Igor: Is a platform to curate upto a 100,000 online stores comprised of millions of products while processing billions of product updates. It delivers low latency entity processing with tremendous visibility and fine grained control over the data processing pipeline. It provides strict processing and fairness guarantees in a multi-tenant setting while minimizing operational overhead. All of Flipkart's stores are managed by this platform.

IBM, India Research Lab
Tech Hire
June 2010 - April 2012

Drove gamification and Social Network Analysis research and solutions in the lab. Developed a service delivery automation solution. Co-authored an FP7 joint proposal for smarter government initiative involving social networks. Authored multiple patents and publications

April 2006 - Dec 2009

Co-founded Spinaxys with two friends after taking a sabbatical from IIIT Hyderabad. We provided high IP services to organizations for our cash flow and built products on the side. I was responsible for product conceptualization, design and development. Our products included a collaborative filtering service for pushing relevant sms content, world's first open-source digital signage and blue-casting system and an enterprise knowledge management solution.

Interim CTO
June 2007 - Dec 2007

I setup the company's technical team and operations. Built the tech and QA teams, setup development, build and test infrastructure, implemented an auditable project management process system for the Dev and QA team. I acted as the technical architect and presales solution architect. We reached profitability in 6 months with a 4 fold increase in the number of employees.

IIIT, Hyderabad
MS by Research
June 2004 - Dec 2010

Published four papers in top tier computer vision conferences and a dissertation; Mentored and guided students at the lab. My research was centered on Content Based Image Retrieval with focus on building highly scalable CBIR systems. My main contributions to the field are part of my dissertation 'Efficient Image Retrieval Methods For Large Scale Dynamic Image Databases'. I was Involved in organizing an international computer vision conference (ACCV 2006).


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Targeted Maintenance of Computing Devices in Information Technology Infrastructure United States US 13/551,015

System And Method For On-Demand Simulation Based Learning For Automation Framework United States US 13/604,846